“Had Jamie come out and clean my panels. I have 43 panels that had about 2 years of grime on them. He showed up promptly and was very kind. He got to work getting onto my roof to clean the panels, he’s as surefooted as a mountain goat and within 30 min he was done. They looks great and clean. That day I saw a boost in my panels performance and the next 3 days I saw my power peak to almost there max of 10kWh they had been only around 8kWh before cleaning. Price beat everyone around and no toxic chemicals were used to clean my panels keeping my animals safe. If you need your panels cleaned Call Jaime and schedule an appointment.”
Andrew R. Moreno Valley, CA
“Great service at a reasonable cost. Called these guys because my normal guy moved out of the area. Big difference in the approaches. These guys have their own custom made tools to clean solar panels. They filter the water to avoid water spots and avoid the risk of scratching your panels. They are also quick. They were able to see me same day and they were on time. They we’re done cleaning my system in less than 45 min and i could see an instant difference in production.”
Helio M. Menifee, CA
“I was one of Jamie’s first customers. He and I documented a big boost in solar output after cleaning- well exceeding the cost of regular cleaning. Jamie’s great- he shows up when he says he will, and you don’t even know he’s there, until an hour or so later, all done! He’s also a really nice guy. It’s important that your cleaner use de-ionized water for this, and that they know what they’re doing so they don’t damage your delicate system. Call Jamie and he’ll keep you on his list to remind you, so your solar output will always be optimal!”
Kathie R. Sedona, AZ
“I’ve had my solar system installed for about 6-months. I knew it was time to clean the panels and the thought of climbing up on my roof and hosing them down (which I’m also told isn’t exactly a good way to clean them) wasn’t in the cards. I called a few places and Jamie’s price was excellent, so I thought I’d give him a try. Efficiency is a great name for his company, because he was very efficient. He was done in about an hour. Most importantly, to my surprise, my solar output increased by about 12%-13% by having the panels clean. I had NO idea it could be affected that much! They didn’t look that “dirty”. It rarely rains here, so I figured the “twice a year” which is recommended by the manufacturer was more than fine. They was a (what I thought) light layer of dust. mJamie uses de-ionized water which ran through his filtering system which, like the “spot free” rinse at your cash wash, leaves virtually no water residue. He didn’t just hose them down, he scrubbed them with a long brush. You can actually see how shiny and clean the panels are again. I spent a lot of money on this system and it’s important for me to make sure I can squeeze out as much energy as I can. For what Jamie charges to provide this great service, I’ll be doing this at least 3 times a year. Nice job!”
Ken B. Lake Elsinore, CA
“We loved working with Efficiency Solar Panel Cleaning! Our solar panels were so dirty and we had no idea who to call until a friend recommended us Efficiency Solar Panel Cleaning. They were so prompt and very efficient workers. Will use this business for years to come!”
Ana G.